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Importance of Nadi Dosha

Nadi Dosh is considered to be one of the most inauspicious defects in Kundli matching. The importance of Nadi dosh is such that if this defect is not resolves then, the next generation will be weaker.

Nadi Dosh can impact your married life in a very negative way. For e.g.: The Nadi of a coupe should never be the same. If it comes out to be the same then, the baby born to them will be unhealthy or abnormal.

Importance of Nadi DoshaIn most cases, when Astrologers find a Nadi Dosh in a Kundli while Kundli matching, they directly say NO for the marriage. Our Vashikaran specialist in Delhi have observed the following negative impacts of Nadi Dosh:

– The next generation can be unhealthy or abnormal.

– There can be chances of having no kid at all.

– Health – related problems in marriage.

– The couple may go through different kinds of sufferings like – an accident.

When couples fall in love and want to get married, they tend to ignore the importance of Kundli matching. But, when later in life they face problems in marriage is when they realise how important it is to get your Kundlis matched before getting married. Our Love marriage specialist has many remedies for Nadi Dosh effect. Some of the common remedies are – donating clothes, food, gold, performing a havan, etc.

It is believed that same Nadi of both the spouses can create distance between the couple. At the same time, different Nadi can establish immense allure and attraction between husband and wife. It’s almost like opposite poles attract each other and similar poles repel each other.

To remove Nadi Dosh our experts Astrologer have come up with many remedies:

– Chanting of different mantras

– Use of gemstones

– Adopting a certain lifestyle and many more

To get the most appropriate remedy for your Nadi Dosh consult our Love Vashikaran specialist who are well-versed with the tricks to get rid of this Dosh. You can call/whatsapp to consult our Vashikaran specialist to get rid of this problem which can have a huge impact on your life.

Our veteran astrologer Anand Sharma ji, is globally popular for his accurate predictions and remedies. The Poojas performed under his guidance are the most effective and the most specific for all the problems that you are facing.

Go ahead, and connect with us for your Kundali Dosh.

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