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Tips To Get Rid Of Black Magic and Negative Energy

Get Rid Of Black Magic and Negative Energy

Do you sometimes feel that something is not right? That you’ve been cursed? Here are some tips for you to get rid of black magic and negative energy.

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The word ‘Curse’ means a combination of words formed into mantras to harm someone. One can be cursed in many ways, such as – use of black magic, Vashikaran, Negative energy, etc. The most important thing is to know whether you’re cursed or not.

Know the symptoms of black magic
Sudden abnormality in behaviour
Getting aggressive without any reason Black magic is a negative energy which affects the soul of the body Dual personality in nature
Seeing unpleasant dreams or waking up in fear Having negative thoughts in the mind throughout the day A sudden change on new moon day or full moon day Too much attraction towards a person
The practice of black magic is performed by Tantriks. Sometime people forget their limits and to full their desires and obsessions they indulge into such practices. These practices are against the Indian Mythology and are against God. People forget that using such practices may lead misfortune to them as well. Black magic not only spoils the life of a person who is involved in this activity but also the life of the person who has performed the whole act.

Tips to get rid of black magic
Majority of the times, relatives or the close ones perform black magic, so keep a close check on everybody. If you find any suspicious things like lemon, puppets, kumkum, ashes, etc. then get rid of them as soon as possible Believe in God
Read Hanuman Chalisa every day Take homeopathy medicines if you find them beneficial Mediation is very important. Do meditate regularly Keeping lemon in your pocket while going out and keeping one in room
Simple ways to get rid of negative energy
Keep sea salt in the corner of the room, salt absorbs the negativity in the room Burn incense stick in room daily for some time to restore life Proper ventilation in room is very necessary as fresh air helps to air out the negative energy from the room Feng shui items are also good to remove negative energy and bring positivity in life
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