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Are Vashikaran and Astrology same

Are Vashikaran and Astrology same

Vashikaran as the name suggests means to hypnotize. Vashi is derived from the word “Vash” means to attract someone, captivate or capture attention of the person. Astrology on the other hand, solves a problem in a very natural way. Astrology is the study of stars and planets.

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These two are different in their own individual ways. This blog will give you a brief idea in general and overall comparison about vashikaran vs. astrology in terms of services.

Vashikaran is an art performed by a vashikaran expert who possesses the knowledge in the field of Vashikaran. Vashikaran is used to improve love life and relationship issues such as breakup, separation between husband and wife. It also helps with career issues like getting you your dream job etc. Vashikaran gives faster solution to a given problem with the help of mantras and shlokas. This method is tricky and virtual which sometimes may have negative impacts or reverse harmful impacts. Also this practice is very powerful. It basically is the exchange of energies.

A vashikaran specialist can deal with these problems- it can bring your lost love back, you can attract a specific person into your life by Vashikaran , vashikaran on husband or wife, to control your boss, relationship and breakup problem, get you love back in life, inter-caste marriage problems, and etc.

Astrology is the study of celestial body and position of stars and studying t/he movements and relative positions of celestial objects. The study of movements and positions of sun, moon, planet and stars is done to predict the future in the belief that they influence human behaviour. Everyone is aware about how astrology works. There are 12 zodiac signs on the basis of birth date for every month. Astrologer who performs this practice needs to be well versed with it. There is no single unified theory to perform astrology related services. This practice is common and is in existence from ancient times.

Astrology takes time to provide results as its natural way of solving various life problems. The results are much dependent upon the calibre of the astrologer. Also the results from it are harmless.

So, the above two are not similar in nature. Astrology is time consuming but organic in nature and at the same time vashikaran shows its results quickly which can be adverse in nature if performed wrongly.

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