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Vashikaran vs Astrology

Vashikaran vs Astrology

In today’s world, most of the ancient and traditional knowledge is blatantly brushed aside by labelling it is illogical, unscientific and superstitious. However, those who have experienced first-hand the effects and results of such traditional practices believe on the contrary and are ready to corroborate the authenticity thereof. Two such traditional Hindu practices that are at times subjects of debate and at other times matters of high reverence are Astrology and Vashikaran. Whatever opinion might the general public at large form about these two practices, the fact remains that both of them are authentic and genuine. It would certainly not be an exaggeration to term the two as ‘ancient sciences’.

What do Astrology and Vashikaran deal with and how are they helpful?
While Astrology is based on one’s birth chart and deals with planetary positions and what effects they might cast on the lives of human beings; Vashikaran, on the other hand, deals with the science of attraction. Hypnotism might be considered a term quite close to Vashikaran. However, what is worthy of mention here is that both the sciences are equally potent for solving many of life’s problems, the only need being finding a genuine Vashikaran guru or astrologer.

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Which of the two to resort to for finding solution to problems of life?
As mentioned earlier, both positive Vashikaran as well as astrology are equally capable of dealing with and providing fruitful solutions to many of life’s complex problems. However, which one to resort to depends entirely upon the nature and the complexity of the problem. In general, for finding a quick and fast solution to a problem, positive Vashikaran may prove to be more useful than astrology. On the other hand, if the given problem has many complicated astrological factors involved, it would be advisable to opt for an astrological solution of the problem.

What are the qualities of a true astrological guru or Vashikaran specialist?
When we are plagued by some very complex problems in life and we seek its solution in ancient practices like Vashikaran or astrology, the very first question that afflicts us is “Who is a true guru whom I can trust?”. The answer to this question is simple. One who is well-learned in positive Vashikaran mantras and who has the sound know-how of reading one’s birth chart can qualify to be called a genuine guru. In addition, the nature of the guru also matters. Only one who is benevolent and benign and practices such sciences only for the sake of providing service to the distressed, shall be able to manifest the best results because in such esoteric practices, the intent of the guru counts a lot.

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