What Does Astrology Say About the Corona Virus Pandemic?

Corona Virus Pandemic

Many Astrologers have used astrology to derive the surprising future of the widespread COVID-19. Let’s find out what Astrologers say about the Corona Virus Pandemic.

While the hope of Covid-19 vaccination is still on, Astrologers predict that Corona Virus may come to an end by September. Some astrologers have specifically stated based of their calculations that Corona virus will start to lose its virulence after May 14 and by September 13, when Jupiter ascends, the disease will vanish.

Explaining the astrology behind it, Astrologers say this year Jupiter touched three constellations in one year. In the scriptures, it is clearly mentioned that when this happens it leads to a pandemic and serious financial crisis. However, the situation will be better from now on as Mars also plays an important role which is leaving Capricorn and entered into Aquarius.

According to many astrologers there will be a lot of positivity in the global scenario in the coming days but a proper end to this disease will take place only by September end.

On the other hand, some astrologers say that another outbreak will hit around 20 December 2020 and it will be more extreme, with other disasters, lasting through 2021. So, many are also of the opinion that there will be a second outbreak of the virus if the precautions are not followed properly. There will be a mass scale damaged due to the pandemic, natural disasters, etc.

Many planets are turning retrograde which signifies that there will be adverse effect on individuals, businesses and other aspects of life. Opposite to this, Astrologers from Mumbai predict that a vaccine shall be invented by end of July when Jupiter would change its trajectory.

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