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Leo Horoscope Today (2018-12-10)

Your marital life will be calm and pleasant. You will get success today in love affairs too. All your work will be accomplished, but only for some time. You must take special care of yourself that some people do not think anything wrong about you. You can get the opportunity to fix the money situation today too. You will get many opportunities to earn money today but there may be some risk in these opportunities. Get opinions from your well wishers about it. Today you can shop for some domestic items. Today you will get full support from children. Today your earnings are also expected to be good. Today, even in business, the benefits are being made. You can get promotions in the work area today. Today you can think of a trip. In some cases related to money, there may be a situation of dilemma today. There can be some trouble today about the paperwork.

This week, you will have to face tough competition in work and business. You can move on the path of new progress by feeling full of passion and improving the errors. Do not care about the health of the child otherwise, problems can increase. The feelings of depressedness can arise in near and close relations. Women should try to understand yourself.

The income will be intermittent and the expense will continue. There is a possibility to get some bad news from date 7 to 14. So be careful and keep your health care. After that, a sudden coincidence of getting money can happen. Interest in creative work will increase. Society, furnishings and decorations, hobbies and leisure items will be bought.

The year 2018 People of this zodiac will be good in many cases. From the beginning of the year, the yoga of Guru Chand will improve the health of the people, and the ongoing suffering will end. Any paused work and business plans will be re-started. The desired success will be achieved in upgrading the means of life sustenance. In the areas of related service and business, there will be an advancement. In the middle part of this year, there is a possibility of tension and mental uncertainty between the parents. In the last part of the year, the people of this zodiac will get mixed results in health and job due to Rahu,Shani and Mangal.

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Pandit Anand Sharma is an internationally acclaimed astrologer having an experience of more than decade in the field of love astrology. Panditji is proficient in vedas and he applies his vedic knowledge to help people find the right match for themselves. Get in touch with him for effective solutions for all anomalies related to your love life.

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