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What Percentage of Love Marriages are Successful

If we talk about the facts on the subject – ‘What percentage of love marriages are successful? Then let’s start by saying that 90% of marriages in India are arranged. It has been reported that divorces are higher in case of love marriage than in arranged marriage in India.

An arranged marriage is a set up in which parents, matchmakers, or third parties, look for couples with similar cultures, beliefs and gets them together. That way, the chances of having differences based on different backgrounds are eliminated. On the other hand, love marriage may not happen with people of similar beliefs. Hence, they need to put in extra effort to come to a consensus.

In astrology, certain houses in your birth chart can help you determine whether your love marriage will be a success or not. Our love marriage specialist astrologer, Anand Sharma ji analyses your 5th, 7th, and 11th house of the birth chart to gather information about the couple’s chemistry and commitment in the long run.

In modern times, love marriages are more prevalent and mainstream as compared to arranged marriages. The good part about love marriages in that both the partners get enough time to understand each other. Before getting married you must have an astrologer check if you have yoga for love marriage in your Kundli. Our love marriage specialist astrologer can interpret whether you can get married to the love of your choice by studying your birth chart.

Also, sometimes when you have yoga of love marriage in your Kundli, you don’t find the right partner. In this case, astrologer Anand Sharma ji who is also a Vashikaran specialist can help you find your love or help you get your love back through various powerful and effective Vashikaran mantras.

There is an in-depth analysis to find out whether the native will have a successful love marriage or not. Reach out to our expert astrologer to find answers to all your questions and remedies to all your problems.

If you truly love someone you would want to get married to that person only irrespective of all other factors. Our vashikaran specialist will help you get rid of all the dosh in your Kundli which hinders your happy and peaceful married life in the future. Also, the ones creating a problem in your love marriage like – family members not agreeing for the marriage can all be dealt with these mantras.

So, don’t worry and reach out to us for all the help!

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