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Husband Wife Disturbance

Diverse husband wife disturbances, which are certainly fatal to the happy and promising marital life, can also be solved through marvelous astrological solutions*. These solutions will be utmost miraculous* if the service-providing astrologer be a reliably veteran and internationally acclaimed like our grand astrologer Anand Sharma Ji of India. For over a decade, he has been making the lives of people worldwide rather peaceful, happy, colorful, and truly prosperous, through solving problems* related with all fields of their respective life.

The major astrological facts and factors associated with such problems between husband and wife are the following in general:
  • Location of any cruel or malefic planets in the seventh house of the natal chart of either husband or wife
  • Bad influences of malevolent planets on this seventh house, and other relevant houses in this connection
  • Ill placement of the lord of the seventh house
  • Poor status and nature of the 7th, 5th, 11th, 2nd, etc., houses of the birth chart of any spouse
  • Low location and the status of power of benevolent planets like Venus, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, etc.
  • Presence of any adverse or destructive astrology doshas or yogas (such as Mangal Dosha, any Kaal Sarpa Dosha, etc.) in the natal chart of any spouse.

Marital Problem Solution

For deciding the most effective and just impeccable marital problem solution* by astrology, our sophisticated and innovative astrologer conducts observation and analysis of the above-mentioned elements and factors expertly. The following varieties of problems and predicaments related with married life are proficiently solvable by him

  • Problems related with attitude and compatibility
  • Regular clashes and tumult between husband and wife
  • Domestic problems caused by slack business or financial recession
  • Uncanny absence of peace, comfort, and harmony in domesticity
  • Gradual diminishment of allure, love, and intimacy between spouses
  • Blossoming extramarital affair of any married partner
  • Problems arising out of any past delinquencies of any partner
  • And, many other disturbing cases and matters associated with marital life

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