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Family Problems*

The family problems encompass problems with parents, sons and daughters, relatives, in-laws, and other near and dear people. Thus, the gamut of familial problems in general, is rather broad. Our fully mature and sophisticated astrologer Anand Sharma of global distinction and caliber is well-versed in providing astrological and other solutions to all family related problems*.

In general, the following astrological reasons are mainly responsible for creating various problems in the family anytime during the whole span of life*:
  • Location or bad influences of any of the naturally malefic planets (Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun, and Ketu) in the following houses of the natal chart of any spouse --- Seventh house, Forth house, Second house, Third house, Tenth house, Twelfth house, Fifth house, and Eleventh house.
  • Ill placements of the lords of these houses in the horoscope. For example, placement of the lord of the seventh house in any of the houses of 11th, 3rd, 5th, 9th, or 8th, is unfavorable to peace and happiness in marital life.
  • Weak status of benefic planets (Venus, Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury) due to adverse locations or wicked influences of malefic planets, under the stationery and/or transitory conditions.
  • Presence of any inauspicious or destructive yogas or doshas in the natal chart of any spouse, such as Mangal Dosha, any relevant Kaal Sarpa Doshas, etc.

Astrology Solutions for All Type of Family Problems*

After making comprehensive and insightful observation and analysis of all other factors, our veteran astrologer provides astrology solutions for all type of family problems to individual spouses or families of the world over*. Solutions use apt gemstones, astrology yantras (like his Sampurna Vivah Sukh Yantra), and many other measures and activities.

The following family problems are tackled adroitly by him:
  • Constant Clashes and Discord between Husband and Wife
  • Regular Fierce Arguments and Quarrels among Members of a Family
  • Children being Out of Discipline
  • Rising chances of Separation or Divorce
  • Cases of being Alcoholic or Drug Addiction related to any Parent or Offspring
  • Clamor or Quarrels caused by an Abusive Parent
  • Problems and Constrains imposed by Overprotective Parents
  • Instances of Abused Parents
  • Extramarital Affairs
  • Difficulties involved in Remarriage of any Parent
  • Harsh Relations with Relatives and other Close People

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