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Best Vehicle Buying Muhurat

Buying a vehicle is one of the important decisions in life. It is precious as it is expensive and also it is a symbol of status and affluence for the society. And so it is imperative to choose the best vehicle buying mahurat for an auspicious and successful purchase.

Our world famous astrologer Anand Sharma ji has come up with a list of best vehicle buying mahurat for 2020. The shubh mahurats for buying a vehicle are calculated based on the Hindu Panchang, considering all the other elements like – suitable Nakshatra, favorable Tithi of the Hindu Lunisolar Calendar.

Anand Sharma Ji is not just the most credible astrologer in the world but also the most trustworthy and the best astrologer in India especially when it comes to suggesting the best vehicle buying mahurat. Based on the birth chart of the purchaser and by following the Vedic astrology, his predictions have always been accurate and prosperous.

Before going for the best vehicle buying mahurat in 2020, people must always advise consulting an astrologer. From personal to commercial, mahurats are available for all kinds of purchases.

Certain days need to be avoided while purchasing a vehicle like Rahu Kaal! According to Vedic Astrology, Rahu is a malefic planet. It is very common during Rahu Kaal for things to go wrong. Most problems and hurdles are created during Rahu Kaal. One must avoid any kind of buying or selling during this period.

Our famous astrologer, Anand Sharma ji also recommends the most suitable color of the vehicle according to the birth chart. The Colour of the vehicle holds a high astrological significance. For example:

Aries should avoid buying black/brown in colour. They must go for blue. Similarly, Taurus must avoid Pink/Yellow and must go for white/cream.

Along with this, there are certain points you must keep in mind while purchasing a vehicle like:

  • On the day of purchasing the vehicle, you must leave the house after doing Ganpati Pooja.
  • After purchasing the vehicle, visit a temple and distribute sweets and give Dakshina to a Brahmin.
  • Make sure you purchase the vehicle on an auspicious occasion.

For specific tips reach out to our world-famous astrologer, Anand Sharma ji who will be able to give you suggestions suitable to you according to your birth chart and planet positions.

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